Disability Related Documentation

Working in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on accessible education for students with disabilities and York University Senate policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, we provide individual academic accommodation planning for students with permanent and temporary disabilities. We use the term disability when we talk about registration with our office to be consistent with the language in these policies. We are not able to provide academic accommodations for reasons unrelated to disability.

To access academic accommodations through our office, you need medical/psychological documentation from a health care practitioner who is licensed to make a diagnosis and whose scope of practice includes your disability. Your documentation should be recent and comprehensive, clearly outlining how your disability impacts you in an academic setting (your functional limitations).

Read below to determine the documentation you need to register.

If you have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability/Disorder, please provide a copy of your last psychoeducational assessment.

Ideally, this assessment will have been completed within the last 4 years or with adult norms (you were 18 years of age or more when testing was done), however, we will accept older reports as part of registration with our office. We can discuss funding and/or referral for an updated assessment when you meet with an Accessibility Counsellor.

If you graduated from a secondary school in Ontario within the last 5 years, you can request a copy of your psychoeducational assessment from your high school.

If you have been diagnosed with:

  • A chronic health or mental health condition
  • An attention disorder (ADD or ADHD)
  • A brain injury/concussion
  • A physical or mobility disability
  • A medical disability
  • A sensory disability or impairment (Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, Blind, low vision, partially sighted)
  • An injury (such as a broken arm or leg)

Or you are:

  • On the Autism Spectrum
  • Neuroatypical
  • Neurodivergent

Speak with a health care practitioner (e.g., a family doctor) about the completion of our Student Accessibility Services Medical Form.

- OR -

Provide recent, comprehensive medical/psychological documentation from an appropriate, regulated health care practitioner (e.g., an emergency room physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and/or neurologist) that outlines your functional limitations in an academic setting and your accommodation needs.

Questions related to the documentation needed to register with Student Accessibility Services can be directed to sasreg@yorku.ca. Please include your full name and/or York student number in your email.