Assistive Technology Lab

The Assistive Technology (AT) Lab is located in room 1017 in the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (formerly the TEL Building). The AT Lab offers services to ALL students registered with Student Accessibility Services.

Hours of Operation

The AT Lab in Victor Phillip Dahdaleh is closed to in-person appointments and use. Students can connect with staff via our Virtual Lab space. The Virtual Lab offers registered students a safe and quiet space to work on assignments or readings and/or to consult with an AT specialist in an enclosed environment. Students can work independently or in groups (via Breakout Rooms), in the company of others.

Join the Virtual Lab via the Student Accessibility Services site on eClass

To make an appointment with an Assistive Technologist, please speak with Rob during the Virtual Lab time or contact your Accessibility Counsellor for a referral.

Adaptive Account Request Form

Students registered with Student Accessibility Services who would like access to the computers in the AT Lab must complete an Adaptive Account Request Form.

Assistive Technology Lab Resources

  • A quiet work space that has access to the internet and limited printing.
  • Access to word processing and various Assistive Technologies.
  • Assistive Technology Specialists that offer training and support in the use of various assistive (and mainstream) hardware and software.

Low Sensory Spaces

Three Low-sensory spaces are available in the AT Lab for students who need a break. These spaces can be booked in advance via our online booking system or used on a drop-in basis.

AT Specialist Recommended Apps



Writing Help

Email Organization

  • Google Inbox
    Google Inbox is a new mail app that turns your email into a task list. Some feature include setting reminders for emails, 'snoozing' emails until you have time to read them, and grouping messages for easy access. check out a video for more info: Inbox Demo (13min)

Stress Reduction/Life Skills

  • Magnus Life Skills App: Y-File press release
    Magnus help users to visualize and think through scenarios before they occur, decreasing stress and anxiety that can be overwhelming during life tasks