Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services provides academic accommodation and support to students with disabilities in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Policy on accessible education for students with disabilities and York University Senate Policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities.

Student Accessibility Services provides support to:

  • Students with temporary or permanent disabilities.
  • Students enrolled in full-time or part-time studies at York’s Keele campus.
  • Students registered in undergraduate¬†or graduate studies.
  • Students enrolled in the¬†School of Continuing Studies.

Students registered in programs at York’s Glendon Campus should contact Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling at Glendon regarding supports and services.

New Students

  • Information for students who are new to Student Accessibility Services, including how to register, required documentation, and what to do if documentation is not available.

Returning Students

  • Information for students registered with Student Accessibility Services including requesting a Letter of Accommodation and activating academic accommodations.

Parents And Other Support Persons

  • Information for parents, guardians and other support persons of students with accessibility concerns.


  • Information for York faculty regarding Letters of Accommodation and requirements around accommodation.