About Us

Vision Statement

In partnership with students, staff and faculty, Student Accessibility Services enables an accessible campus learning environment where students with disabilities have an equitable opportunity to flourish.

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Accessibility Services is to provide a professional, confidential and responsive service to support the needs of students with disabilities. Our goal is that all students with disabilities at York University‚Äôs Keele campus are provided equal access to the learning and research environments, the physical campus, and access to university related programs and activities. We are committed to the values of integrity, student-centricity, and equity and share the values of the Division of Students — respect, excellence, accountability, care, innovation, inclusion, and collaboration.

To fulfill our mission, Student Accessibility Services:

  • Assists in the transition of students with disabilities to their studies at York;
  • Facilitates and coordinates individualized support and academic accommodation for students with disabilities based on an assessment of their unique needs;
  • Promotes self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy within students with disabilities so that they have an equal opportunity, as autonomously as possible, to meet the demands of university life;
  • Promotes access and awareness as a resource to all members of the university community;
  • Advocates for an inclusive, barrier-free, accessible campus that adheres to the principles of Universal Design in Learning; and,
  • Regularly reviews the policies and practices of Student Accessibility Services in response to student feedback and makes adaptations as necessary.