Programs for Students with ASD

The Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU) provides additional support to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) succeed in post-secondary education programs. Students will get help building the skills they need to be successful through a variety of resources, activities and programs. Visit Strengthening Transitions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders to learn more about this initiative.

Pre-university/transition support workshops and programs range from single session or multi-session workshops to several days and weeks of transition-based programs. The aim of all of these activities is to provide students with a "head start" on university by becoming better-prepared for the demands that they will face. Visit our Transition Programs page to learn more.

Our ASD Coordinator will meet with prospective York students and their families to discuss how they might be supported once they start their studies at York. To arrange an appointment email

Supports and Services for York University Students

  1. Project ADVANCE
    • Two-week summer transition program for York students with disabilities
    • Components of this program were developed specifically for students with ASD
  2. One-on-one support from a Disabilities Counsellor
    • Students will be contacted to arrange a Connection Meeting after they submit their online Accessibility Services Student Questionnaire
    • The Connection Meeting allows incoming students and their families to meet with a Disabilities Counselor to ask questions, gain an idea of what to expect during their intake session and learn about supports and services available at York
  3. ASD Support Group
  4. Low-sensory spaces in the Assistive Technology Lab and a technology-lending library
  5. ASD Academic Coach
  6. Early move in to residence
  7. Language and Learning Seminar Course (LLS 1000)
  8. A credit course where students can learn more about the psychology of their Learning Disability/ASD, discuss career and career development models, and explore the impacts of stress on their academic studies
  9. Asperger Mentorship Program