Mentorship Program

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What is the Career Mentorship Program?

The Career Mentorship Program is a career development option offered by Student Accessibility Services at York University. It is an opportunity for York University students with disabilities to be matched with career mentors to work together to facilitate the career goals of the students.

Students apply on-line to the program, stating their career goals and their reasons for wanting to join the program. The career specialist in Student Accessibility Services makes one-to-one matches between student participants and mentors. In addition, all students and mentors participate in group meetings to facilitate networking and relevant professional development for all participants.

Mentors share work knowledge, experience, and connections. In turn, the students offer the mentors a chance to learn first hand about persons with disabilities. Together they can work towards understanding employment equity issues.

Students meet with their mentor six times during an academic year, usually at the mentor’s work site. Mentors and students are also expected to attend several group meetings at York University.

What contributes to the work success of persons with disabilities?

Persons with disabilities develop unique ways of working effectively. They adapt to their work by minimizing their disabilities and maximizing their strengths. Hard work and creativity contribute to positive outcomes. Positive encouragement and advice from mentors can be important to providing students with disabilities the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to pursue career dreams.
From what companies have mentors come?

Past mentors have come from some of the following organizations:

What benefits do mentors enjoy?

Benefits of the program for mentors include:

  • gives mentors a chance to shape career futures of talented students;
  • gives mentors a chance to build new coaching skills and diversity awareness;
  • builds the mentor's resume;
  • gives ,mentors a chance to provide information on their company and work experience;
  • increases company awareness of employment equity issues;
  • enhances the company's image as a concerned employment equity employer.

How Will You Benefit?

  • Learn more so you can educate human resource professionals, managers, and supervisors about learning disabilities.
  • Explore how students with LDs can positively impact your organization.
  • Source quality employment candidates in minimal time with maximum benefits.
  • Feel good knowing that you have assisted a university student develop skills and pursue career dreams.
What do mentors do?

Examples of what mentors can do include:

  • help students to be positive and have hope despite current labour market conditions;
  • discuss ways for students to establish, maintain, and improve self-confidence;
  • alert students to their organization's value and goals;
  • share personal or unique experiences and career paths with students;
  • offer a human face to an organization;
  • provide constructive feedback to students;
  • offer an opportunity for information exchange from an industry contact;
  • introduce students to other employment contacts;
  • discuss ways to obtain career information;
  • give pamphlets and other company literature to students;
  • set up work shadowing opportunities for students;
  • give students feedback on their interviewing skills;
  • help students network more effectively.
Application to become a mentor

Note: If you find that the Mentor Application does not redirect you to the thank-you page after you submit your form, please print the PDF version and submit it via mail or fax.

Attention: Jayne Greene-Black
N204 Bennett Centre for Student Services, York University
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3
Fax: 416-650-8068

Those interested in becoming Mentors are directed to the online Mentorship Application Form.

If a PDF application format is preferred, please email

Student mentorship application

Students interested in working with a mentor should complete and submit the Student Mentoring Application.

If a PDF application format is preferred, please email