New Students

Register with Us

We advise students to register with us well in advance of the start of their studies - you can start the registration process as soon as you accept an offer of admission from the University.  Registration with our office will not be identified on official records, academic transcripts or graduation documentation.

To guarantee access exam accommodations in the fall exam period (December 9 to 23, 2021), you must be registered with our office by Monday, November 1st.

To guarantee access exam accommodations in the winter exam period (April 12 to 29, 2022) you must be registered with our office by Monday, March 7th.

Registration with Student Accessibility Services is a 3-step process:

  1. The first step is to collect documentation from a health care practitioner. 
    • Students with different disabilities/diagnosis will have different kinds of documentation to submit to our office as part of registration
    • Visit our Registration Documentation page to find out what documentation you need to register with us and to access forms that can be completed by a health care practitioner
  2. Step two is to upload an electronic copy of your disability related documentation to our online Registration Form
    • This is a questionnaire that you complete as part of registration with our office.
    • Your documentation must be uploaded to submit the Registration Form.
  3. The third and final step in registration with our office is to connect with an Accessibility Counsellor around your individualized academic accommodation plan.
    • We will contact you about connecting with an Accessibility Counsellor as soon as we have reviewed your registration information.
    • We cannot make recommendations for academic accommodations in advance of your connecting with an Accessibility Counsellor
    • Due to Covid-19, Accessibility Counsellors are meeting with students via telephone or video conference

We recognize the historical and systemic disparities that exist within our educational systems and society at large that can often have adverse and unintended consequences that further marginalize populations. We recognize these disparities exist among our student population and can directly affect a student’s ability to provide documentation of a disability. If you have experienced a barrier to accessing documentation, we are committed to working with you to find appropriate and creative ways of ensuring access to appropriate supports and services. Please complete this confidential, online Questionnaire so we can better understand your situation.

Questions or concerns related to registration with our office can be sent to  Please include your full name and/or York student number in your email.

Are you a visiting student? To start the registration process with our office, visiting students (or students transferring to York from another university) can upload the disability related documentation they submitted to their home university. Additional documentation might be requested as part of accommodation planning at York.

How are academic accommodations determined?

Academic accommodations are highly individualized. Students diagnosed with the same type of disability may have very different academic accommodations.

An in-depth understanding a student’s functional limitations is necessary as part of the development of an academic accommodation plan. A functional limitation is any restriction to a person's ability to perform daily activities necessary to participate in post-secondary studies. Functional limitations are expected to remain with the person throughout their life or for a determined duration.

In determining academic accommodations, information related to functional limitations provided by a registered health professional is considered along with:

  • Academic program of study;
  • The method of course delivery and the type of participation required of students (e.g. lecture, seminar, tutorial, practicum);
  • The nature of the disability and its impact on the post-secondary learning process;
  • Information provided by the student as part of registration.

Students with a history of support at high school or college might have previous accommodation plans (e.g. I.E.P.). Not all accommodation plans are transferable to York and, as such, students might have different accommodations at York than they had previously.

Determining which academic accommodations are appropriate is a shared responsibility among the student, Student Accessibility Services, and the professor or course director in each course. Although professors/course directors are not "disability experts", they are the authority in their field and in the course(s) they teach and as such may provide valuable insight into accommodations that best fit a course and respect academic integrity.

At no time can an academic accommodation undermine academic integrity.

Students must activate their academic accommodations each year by requesting a Letter of Accommodation (LOA). The LOA will list the accommodations that Student Accessibility Services has recommended be put in place and should be provided to professors/course instructors/practicum supervisors in the first week of classes or as soon as a student has registered.

Students request a LOA by completing our Request for Letter of Accommodation Form.