Faculty Information

Due to required maintenance, this website will be unavailable for some or all of the period between 8am until 11am on Thursday, April 4. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS), formerly known as Disability Services, has made some changes to increase access to our offices for all members of the campus and reduce confusion over location.

We have moved all of our Accessibility Counsellors so into one of only two locations: N108 Ross Building and N204 Bennett Center for Student Services. Each location has an interdisciplinary team whose members can work with students regardless of the nature of the student’s disability. Visit our staff listing if you are not sure where an Accessibility Counsellor is located.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) If there are two offices, where do I call or email if I have questions?

There is one main phone number and our reception staff can connect you to the appropriate counsellor. The main number is 416-736-5755

The main email is: sasinfo@yorku.ca

More contact information can be found at: accessibility.students.yorku.ca/contact

2) When a student registers with your department, how is it determined what office a student should go to?

Students are connected with the first available counsellor who has an area of expertise working with the nature of their disability. The location of that counsellor determines where a student will connect with our service.

3) How do I know that a student is registered with your office?

We provide all students with a Letter of Accommodation that they can email to you. We encourage students who are registered to come to you in your office hours to discuss their accommodations.

4) If I need to connect with a student’s counsellor how do I do that?

If the student has provided you with a Letter of Accommodation and is registered with our services, you will find contact information for a student’s counsellor on the student’s Letter of Accommodation. Drop-in times for a quick 10-minute appointment are available daily in both locations from 1 to 2pm. If you need to contact the office to speak to a counsellor, this is an ideal time as all counsellors are available. Scheduled appointments can still be made for other times of the day and we are happy to answer questions by email.

You can also check the staff directory or call the main number 416-736-5755 or email the main email at sasinfo@yorku.ca.

5) Why do the accommodation letters I’m receiving from students look different than last year?

Faculty will see changes to the format of the Letter of Accommodation. The reason for the format change was to make clearer not only what a student’s accommodations might be but also what the process was regarding the way accommodations are determined and what do if there is a concern about an accommodation.

6) What if a student asks for accommodations that are not on the Letter of Accommodation?

If it is not on the letter, it likely is not an accommodation. The student can be advised to set up an appointment with their accessibility counsellor to see if it can be added to the documentation on file.

If you feel you can provide academic consideration for something which is not on the letter, that is within your purview. Connect with Accessibility Services if you have more questions.

7) The student reports that they cannot be scheduled for a test/exam with Alternate Exams – what do I do?

It is possible that the student has missed the deadline for submitting the test or exam. If you provided information of the test/exams at least three weeks in advance, they likely had enough time to register but forgot. The student has the option to write with the class or to ask for a deferral to write at a later date – which is in your purview to allow or not. Connect with Accessibility Services if you have more questions.

8) I see “Note Sharing” listed as an accommodation on a Letter of Accommodation – what does this mean?

One or more of your students requires a volunteer note-sharer. If you could announce to the class that one is required and that any interested students go to the following link, that would be most helpful


9) The list of accommodations for a student is long. Are they eligible to take my class?

All of the students who register with SAS have obtained the GPA to be accepted into their programs. They are generally registered in courses for which they have the prerequisites.

10) How can I make my course more accessible?

Take a look at the Teaching Commons website on some easy way to make your class more accessible.