Accommodations FAQ

You may have concerns about changes to accommodations given York’s shift to more remote teaching and learning due to COVID-19. The below questions and answers are designed to address all your concerns. Please contact your counsellor or our office via email if you have further questions

Where do I find up to date information about the return to campus?

Up to date information is available on the Better Together website.

The health and safety of our York community comes first, and the University will continue to closely monitor the public health situation to determine the best course of action for our community.

More in-person-learning and co-curricular opportunities will be available to students in Fall 2021. Almost 50% of courses will be offered in-person in Fall 2021. We will continue to provide access to a high-quality remote learning experience for those who are not able to attend classes in person this fall, and we are committed to providing online learning support and resources.

What are the University's plans for Winter 2022?

Based on the latest modelling projections, we are preparing for a full return to our campuses for the Winter 2022.

When preparing your class schedules, please pay special attention to the delivery mode specified in the lecture schedule. Students are expected to participate according to the delivery mode of the class—in-person classes will not be delivered remotely. If you have questions about course delivery, course formats, or your degree plan, contact Academic Advising for your faculty.

I am registered with Student Accessibility Services and require new accommodations to safely return to in-person classes. What do I do?

You must obtain updated and detailed medical documentation from a licensed health practitioner that outlines these accommodation recommendations. This documentation should be provided to Student Accessibility Services prior to the start of the fall term. Accommodations may not be possible in all situations and you should discuss with your licensed health practitioner the feasibility of in-person attendance if accommodations cannot be made.

In consultation with your course instructors, and/or program, a decision will be made about what reasonable accommodations can be provided on an individualized and course by course basis. However, keep in mind that where a class is designated as in-person only, there is minimal likelihood that a companion remote version of that class can be offered.

How will I receive my accommodations in classes taking place remotely?

You will still have access to accommodations. Ensure that you connect with your instructor and provide them with your Letter of Accommodation at the start of class. Instructors are generally able to provide additional time to students through eClass. If there are accommodations that you feel need to be put in place but neither you nor your instructor are sure how this can happen, connect with your Accessibility Counsellor who can support you.

I have a Volunteer Note Sharer/Note Taker. Will these supports be available in my remote classes?

Yes! Our volunteers and note takers have been added to eClass and are continuing to upload notes as per usual. If the format of your new online course is not video based, speak to your accessibility counsellor to discuss your situation.

The nature of my disability (e.g. head injury/concussion) is such that extended screen time is a challenge. What should I do?

Connect with your Accessibly Counsellor for an appointment. They can discuss strategies to support you.

I use sign language interpreting—how does that work for remote courses?

Interpreter support for those who need it can be arranged for remote courses. Connect with your Accessibility Counsellor to discuss the ways you can be supported.

How does my extra time work for online tests/exams?
You will still receive your additional time. Instructors have been given instructions on how to add additional time for you.
I am concerned that my accommodations will not be implemented in my remote courses—what do I do?

Connect with your Accessibility Counsellor to discuss the many ways you can be supported

My instructor has told us that the exam is 2 hours but that everyone gets 24 hours to write—how do I get my extra time?

No additional time is required as all students now have 24 hours to write the exam. Your instructor is using Universal Design Principles so that everyone in your class can self- accommodate. You are able to choose whenever you want to start, take the breaks the you need and stretch your writing out as much as possible. If you have further questions, connect with your Accessibility Counsellor